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People are often scared and offended to be called by others as the egoistic person. 

I am here to share with you a success formula to become super confident in yourself without being the egoistic person that you are afraid to become.

This super confident success formula works 100% when you decided to follow each step by step strategy. Trust the process, don't give up without giving a good try. Another additional benefit is, it will give you lessons to learn and improve before moving on.

Super Confident Success Formula

Your step by step guide to be super confident without being egoistic.
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I have struggled as most of us have with confidence, in Martha's book it is very clear that we allow ourselves to be open as possible, to be vulneravble, to be free of guilt or shame and to not be so quick in our judgment of ourselves. We don't have to be perfect, the important thing is that we START. Martha has a way of making us, comfortable in looking deeper into what really is going on within. The questions that she asks make you pause, make you look into what is this really all about. Her "Super Confidence Success Formula" helps you understand your feelings, and to put them in order of importance . This process really polishes who you are and what you want and, how to get it! I Highly recommend this book, to empower yourself ! Having a call with Martha, truely will change your life. It did mine, and i am grateful to study with this brilliance, Thank you Martha 🙏 Gail Marks Teevan
Martha Mok
Super Confidence Coaching
About The Author:
Martha Mok is a Super Confidence Coach, Motivational Speaker, multi-award-winning International Makeup Artist, Author and Entrepreneur with multiple businesses.
Martha's life was not always colourful and happy, she was bullied at school from a young age, sexually molested and for 19 years was in an abusive marriage.
From all these challenges in the past emerged a stronger woman who chose to embrace these challenges and today thrives in business and coaching by being congruent in her niche and confidence to also help other woman to grow stronger and confident.
Her mission is "No Women Should Suffer In Silence". Martha empowers women to be confident and be proud of who they are. Giving her clients the certainty of strength, courage, self-worth, flourishing relationships and reaching their businesses goals.

She teaches super confidence to women and empowers them to use their experience and knowledge to build their own profitable business.

"By using my "Super Effective Results Formula" signature programme. I help women to become a confident business owner, with social media support, coaching techniques and lead generation strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed and create their own profitable business and have regular clients."

My Mission Is: No woman should suffer in silence

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